[FFXIV] My Little Chocobo

Not a whole lot of time to post….but I just wanted to say that I’m super excited that I got my very own CHOCOBO finally 🙂

chocoboI spent some time doing Grand Company Levequests today in order to finally get the last 1,000 company seals that I needed to turn in for my Chocobo mount.  I named him Krogan, which is also my dog’s name (and Mass Effect fans might recognize the word as well, hehe).  I giggled at how cute he was for a good 15 minutes, and then smiled in pleasure at the cute little song that plays while I ride him.  I am super happy that I got my Chocobo.  Now here’s hoping I have more time to actually play FFXIV, because I still think it’s a damn fun game. 🙂



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