Unsure what to do in WoW….


It wasn’t that long ago that I was talking about how overwhelmed I am in WoW — about how it feels like there are endless things to do.  And here I am, logged into WoW, staring at my Druid and wondering what on earth I should be doing with her.

It’s weird because I’m certainly not even remotely finished with Pandaria. I’m sitting at ilvl 529 and I still haven’t beaten SOO or Garrosh yet in LFR.  I could do that, I guess.  I only just now have a level 25 pet team, but I have a ton of achievements and the Celestial Tournament and all that ahead of me, but I feel ‘meh’ about it.  I could PvP, but I really don’t have interest in that right now.  I could work on factions and dailies, which is moderately appealing I suppose.  I never finished questing in Kun’Lai, and I never did Dread Wastes or that other Pandaria zone.  I’ve never gone to Isle of Thunder. I have tons of achievements and things to do on Timeless Isle if I wanted.  Mounts to farm. I’ve never done challenge modes.  I haven’t done all the scenarios on Normal, and I’ve never done a single one on Heroic.  I haven’t even done all the level 90 dungeons on Heroic yet.  I could gear up my 90 Priest.  I could level an alt. Hell, I could buy WoD and have an instant 90 but I basically already have fresh 90’s that I don’t know what to do with.

In theory, I want to do all these things.  Yet when I log in, I have no interest in any of them.  It’s a conundrum.  Instead I find myself fantasizing about leveling up in EQ again. Or wandering back to LotRO, or giving RIFT a real honest attempt since the housing & dreamweaving profession seem awesome.  I’m not sure if I need to just force myself to do some things in WoW to rekindle the excitement again, or if I should put it aside and play something else for awhile and see if absence makes the heart grow stronger.


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