I’m Back in Battle

There’s nothing like making a triumphant return to an MMO to make a blogger wanna blog.

Battle for Azeroth launched last night, and in typical form for me, I’m playing. And I’m playing Treetopsy, my Tauren Druid (of course).

I’m in a weird spot though, because as I mentioned on Twitter….I didn’t finish much of anything in Legion. I never unlocked flying, didn’t unlocked Allied Races, or do Broken Shore, or Argus. It’s the second expansion in row where I basically did no professions, very little raiding, and no pet battling. I guess I should be thankful I have scores of content to go back to, but it feels weird to move on when I haven’t finished things. But I know that content isn’t going anywhere.

Expect more posts here as I chronicle my journey among the trolls.

(P.S. sorry for no screenshots, I’m at work!)


One thought on “I’m Back in Battle

  1. Good to see you return 🙂 I hope your blog gets some BfA lovin’ 😀 It does feel weird to leave things behind, but as you say, it’s not going anywhere. HoT on 😉

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