Remember When I Used To Blog Here?

Ah jeez, it’s been a minute hasn’t it? Or you know, almost a year…..

You know what’s interesting — despite not having a ton of time to play games (I literally sometimes go weeks without playing a game), I still follow the MMO blogosphere religiously. I read just about every post (except ones about EVE, sorry Ancient Gaming Noob…love your WoW posts though) and I’ve been skimming ones about Destiny (sorry Bel). I still feel like I’m part of that “community” even though I’ve been blogging a bit elsewhere (and here too, sporadically).

I’ve recently (as in, last weekend) came back to the wonderful World of Warcraft and therefore….I’m here again. There’s something about playing an MMO that makes me want to chat about it on the internet.

“For the Horde!”

So the last time I played WoW it was over a year ago. I dinged 110 promptly on a Night Elf Druid so that I could play with my friends, but then I ran one dungeon with them and never logged her in again. I should have known I can’t stick with an Alliance character.


So now I’m back, and I picked up my main since 2004, Treetopsy. She was a wee level 100 and now she’s a wee little 102. I’m going Resto naturally, but I took the feral affinity for questing. So far I’m pretty happy with that choice! I like that I can heal dungeons proficiently yet also quest at a decent pace. Well, let’s be honest….I’m sure it’s slow as hell but I don’t have anything to really compare it to so it feels fine.

I’ve finished Val’sharah and I’m headed off to Highmountain next.

My perfect game

I was talking last night on Twitter about how I’m not sure why I even play any other MMOs ever. WoW is my perfect game. I have all the history here, I love the story, the graphics, my characters, the world, the casual-friendly mechanics, everything.

What’s just amazing to me is how much game I actually have left. The last 4-5 years, I haven’t really played that much. I’ve missed out on so much and I could play every night for a decade and not finish it all. I never finished the holiday achievements needed for my proto-drake. I have so much pet collecting to do, it’s not even funny. I never did Suramar, or world quests. I don’t even know what Argus is (I mean, I do in lore but I don’t know anything about the new zone release). I’ve never done a Timewalking dungeon. I own almost zero heirlooms. I haven’t even leveled my fishing back up to max in Legion yet! I want to level cooking. I’ve never even started Archeology. There’s dozens of transmog items I want, mounts to collect. Not to mention ACHIEVEMENTS. There are just so many things to do. That’s if I don’t check out the new raids or jump on that gear treadmill.


Time is not on my side

Unfortunately, my life is still crazy. I’m still a single mom. I moved to Austin, TX and I love it, but I don’t have much free help here since I don’t have any family. My son is 2 years old and in his difficult toddler times, and his naps aren’t as long as they used to be. I’m also working full time as a Senior Producer at Zynga, which occupies much of my time and mental energy.

So the reality of making my way through this stuff? Probably pretty slim. But while I’m trying, I figure I can write about some of it here. I like going back and reading my posts.

A nomad

At this point, I don’t have a guild. A few people have told me about their guilds and I’m considering joining. I miss the days where I’d talk on Vent/TS with guildies, doing karaoke and shooting the shit. You’d really get to know people. I even met up with some in LA in like, 2006! Fun times.

I’d like to find a guild like that eventually. But first I need to see if I actually stick with the game for awhile. You never know, with me.

Plans for the blog

I promise I’ll stop rambling with this post soon. But I’d like to transform this into a general “me” blog, much like Stargrace and others have done. TV, movies, pop culture, news, general hobbies, thoughts on whatever. I don’t promise much for posts, but I’m going to try.

Here, have a cute kiddo pic to close out the post:



Generalizing a bit more, no longer WoW specific

So, it’s been quite some time since I’ve poked my head in and blogged here and I’m sure I’ve lost just about all the readers that I ever had.  Life has gotten pretty manic since I last wrote here in October: my fiance and I bought our first house, the holidays happened, there has been a lot of travel and excitement, I’ve been showing my horse, had a few out-of-town visitors, and I’ve been working at my day job.  I’ve also basically put World of Warcraft on the backburner — it’s no longer my ‘main squeeze’.  I’m sure that I’ll be back someday, but I don’t want to let this space just fester while I’m out touring other MMOs and PC games.  So with that, CuppyVille will transform just slightly.

I’m going back to my roots and writing about general MMO and PC gaming mayhem.  It’s not going to be an informative space with guides and tips & tricks (unless it fancies me).  Instead, it will be a glimpse at the games I’m currently playing, my thoughts on gaming news as a whole, and a mess of screenshots from the worlds that I’m currently exploring.  I hope that the few of you who used to read my site will still stick around and entertain the idea of exploring many worlds.

Right now, I’m aimlessly playing many different games.  I started playing EverQuest last week, but didn’t make it very far.  I loaded up EverQuest II and I now have a level 8 Beastlord who is a lot of fun so far.  I installed TERA for the first time and I am enjoying a level 5 Archer currently (though her lack of battle-ready armor is another post in itself).  I also reinstalled Lord of the Rings Online and I’m planning to poke my head back in to see what’s going on in the world of hobbits, elves, and dwarves.  And finally, I’m still playing League of Legends whenever I get the chance.

I’m sure that I’ll be back to WoW in the future as I never did make it to level 90 and I have plenty more to see and do in the world of Azeroth.  But for now I’m enjoying my time in other new worlds and trying to get myself into trouble.  Will you join me? 🙂

Not going pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

A bunch of other bloggers are transmogging their gear to be pink in support of breast cancer awareness.  I’m certainly not going to judge them for their actions and I definitely understand the sentiment behind it and I think it’s an honorable one.  However, I simply do not care for what “breast cancer awareness month” has become and I am not going to participate in this one.

This is a fantastic article that runs through the issues.   In summary though:

  • I do not support the Susan Komen foundation, an organization that made some very anti-choice decisions when they chose to not allow funding for Planned Parenthood, an organization that offers breast cancer screening to low income women nationwide.  The decision was reversed after much backlash, but Susan Komen is quite vocal about her anti-Planned Parenthood stance.  And knowing how important PP is to women who can’t readily afford or access health services including birth control or screenings, I think it’s deplorable.
  • I do not believe that ‘awareness’ is now an issue.  Everyone is aware of breast cancer, and I’d rather people donate their money to organizations that do actual research towards curing the horrible dreadful cancer.  Having known many friends who have survived various forms of cancer, I know they’d appreciate people making real donations of time or money to research.  I think people fall into a trap where they think that wearing pink for the month means that they’re helping the cause and then their assistance ends there.
  • The breast cancer awareness phenomenon is centered around women and their experiences, while men can also get breast cancer.  With an industry that has pinkwashed this form of cancer, it excludes men and those outside the gender binary who can have breast cancer.
  • I also dislike the “save the ta-tas”, “I heart boobies” slogans that are now attached to breast cancer awareness.  I believe the focus on women’s breasts as the real loss paints a picture that this illness should only be cured to save the part of a woman that makes her worthwhile.  I hate reducing people to their body parts.  I feel terrible for the women who ended up getting a double mastectomy who have to see the “save the boobies” t-shirts and wristbands all over, as if that was what was worth saving.

The thing to know is that it wasn’t that long ago that breast cancer was a totally taboo gross topic that no one discussed. Women weren’t aware of breast cancer and feared even saying the words until First Lady Betty Ford got a mastectomy while her husband was in office.

And she did the unthinkable: She talked about it. And women started getting angry. Really angry. The breast cancer movement was born, and it became a juggernaut of women who would not shut up, wanting to know why funding for breast cancer was so limited, why breast cancer care totally sucked, why so few women had access to preventative care, early diagnosis, and treatment. They totally changed the medical landscape for breast cancer patients, and they kept pushing and pushing for more, and better.

That’s when something really sad started to happen: people recognized the potential commercial appeal of breast cancer “awareness” as an abstract concept. That’s when the pink ribbon started to be developed, originally as a symbol of solidarity, but eventually as a fiercely defended property. Suddenly it became less about actually fighting breast cancer and more about selling “awareness” but not really explaining what that meant.

With that, I’ve donated to the UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center to help them fund their research programs.

My Several Identities…revealed!



It has come to my attention that my several sectors of online life are more separate than I thought they were!  Both Navimie (see above) and Redcow didn’t realize who I am, despite reading both of my blogs!  It’s not something I’m hiding, so I’ll share it here just in case anyone else is confused by my many online lives.

My name in real life is Tami, and by day I’m a Studio Director for an iOS game company, The Playforge.  We have the games Tree World, Zombie Farm, Zombie Farm 2, and Zombie Life on iPhone and iPad.  I tweet here, and my main blog is where I write about RL, feminism, and games-that-aren’t-WoW.  I’m also the co-founder and Lead Editor at The Border House, a feminist video gaming site.

So there you have it.  You don’t have to follow me all over the web (I’m not that conceited after all) but just in case you already do by chance and didn’t realize I was the same person…..well, I am! 🙂