The Slowest Leveler in All of Zandalar?


People have been 120 for over a week now, and I’m still piddling along at a measly level 112. Yeah, yeah, filthy casual and all that. But mostly I’m having a predicament where I have almost no time to play nowadays. Between parenting a rambunctious toddler and working my butt off at my busy job, I’m lucky if I get an hour to play every other night. So I’m trying to accomplish what I can with the time I have, which is little.

I’m duoing with my roommate/best friend. I’m playing as Resto with Feral Affinity (cat form) and of course it’s slow but I’m not really in any sort of rush. My friend is an Affliction Warlock and that’s a fun pair so far. It’s nice that she can tank pet and then we can take down things that are bigger and badder than ourselves. We chose Zuldazar to start and we’re one questline away from finishing it. Haven’t done any dungeons yet, sadly.

I’ve experienced so little of this expansion that I can’t give any sort of accurate assessment aside from saying a few things.

  • It’s beautiful. The vistas are gorgeous, the environment artists did a fantastic job.
  • The audio is top notch. The music is perfect and I’m loving all the ambient sounds. It really feels like we’re in a dinosaur-infested jungle.
  • I’m invested in the story, which is surprising given that I’m really not a huge fan of WoW trolls in general.
  • It’s humorous and entertaining. Reading all the quests is the name of the game, and I’m enjoying all the funny tidbits and easter eggs. I don’t get half of them because I’m no longer pop culture relevant, but it’s fun nonetheless.




Remember When I Used To Blog Here?

Ah jeez, it’s been a minute hasn’t it? Or you know, almost a year…..

You know what’s interesting — despite not having a ton of time to play games (I literally sometimes go weeks without playing a game), I still follow the MMO blogosphere religiously. I read just about every post (except ones about EVE, sorry Ancient Gaming Noob…love your WoW posts though) and I’ve been skimming ones about Destiny (sorry Bel). I still feel like I’m part of that “community” even though I’ve been blogging a bit elsewhere (and here too, sporadically).

I’ve recently (as in, last weekend) came back to the wonderful World of Warcraft and therefore….I’m here again. There’s something about playing an MMO that makes me want to chat about it on the internet.

“For the Horde!”

So the last time I played WoW it was over a year ago. I dinged 110 promptly on a Night Elf Druid so that I could play with my friends, but then I ran one dungeon with them and never logged her in again. I should have known I can’t stick with an Alliance character.


So now I’m back, and I picked up my main since 2004, Treetopsy. She was a wee level 100 and now she’s a wee little 102. I’m going Resto naturally, but I took the feral affinity for questing. So far I’m pretty happy with that choice! I like that I can heal dungeons proficiently yet also quest at a decent pace. Well, let’s be honest….I’m sure it’s slow as hell but I don’t have anything to really compare it to so it feels fine.

I’ve finished Val’sharah and I’m headed off to Highmountain next.

My perfect game

I was talking last night on Twitter about how I’m not sure why I even play any other MMOs ever. WoW is my perfect game. I have all the history here, I love the story, the graphics, my characters, the world, the casual-friendly mechanics, everything.

What’s just amazing to me is how much game I actually have left. The last 4-5 years, I haven’t really played that much. I’ve missed out on so much and I could play every night for a decade and not finish it all. I never finished the holiday achievements needed for my proto-drake. I have so much pet collecting to do, it’s not even funny. I never did Suramar, or world quests. I don’t even know what Argus is (I mean, I do in lore but I don’t know anything about the new zone release). I’ve never done a Timewalking dungeon. I own almost zero heirlooms. I haven’t even leveled my fishing back up to max in Legion yet! I want to level cooking. I’ve never even started Archeology. There’s dozens of transmog items I want, mounts to collect. Not to mention ACHIEVEMENTS. There are just so many things to do. That’s if I don’t check out the new raids or jump on that gear treadmill.


Time is not on my side

Unfortunately, my life is still crazy. I’m still a single mom. I moved to Austin, TX and I love it, but I don’t have much free help here since I don’t have any family. My son is 2 years old and in his difficult toddler times, and his naps aren’t as long as they used to be. I’m also working full time as a Senior Producer at Zynga, which occupies much of my time and mental energy.

So the reality of making my way through this stuff? Probably pretty slim. But while I’m trying, I figure I can write about some of it here. I like going back and reading my posts.

A nomad

At this point, I don’t have a guild. A few people have told me about their guilds and I’m considering joining. I miss the days where I’d talk on Vent/TS with guildies, doing karaoke and shooting the shit. You’d really get to know people. I even met up with some in LA in like, 2006! Fun times.

I’d like to find a guild like that eventually. But first I need to see if I actually stick with the game for awhile. You never know, with me.

Plans for the blog

I promise I’ll stop rambling with this post soon. But I’d like to transform this into a general “me” blog, much like Stargrace and others have done. TV, movies, pop culture, news, general hobbies, thoughts on whatever. I don’t promise much for posts, but I’m going to try.

Here, have a cute kiddo pic to close out the post:


Sup, dude? My Druid is Level 90!

90Yeah, somehow this just totally happened last night.  I saw a named in Kun-Lai Summit (Nalak?) and decided to kill it.  It took forever, being that I’m a slow lumbering Boomkin.  But it awarded me almost 300,000 XP and ended up being the last bit I needed to get my FIRST EVER LEVEL 90 CHARACTER!  I know, I’m slow and behind the times and this is not exciting news to anyone else.  To be honest, I’m not 100% sure what I’m even going to do with this character now. I found this amazing guide that tells you how to gear up after level 90, but to be honest I’m not finding playing my Druid to be terribly fun.  I have never really enjoyed the Boomkin spec, and I don’t really have gear sufficient to go Feral for soloing.  What I really love doing on my Druid is healing, but I can’t really solo effectively as a Resto Druid.  And I’m afraid to jump into dungeons with people I don’t know, and all my guildies are still in the early 60’s.

I figure I will check out the Timeless Isle and see what that’s all about as I hear there are some goodies that will be helpful to a fresh level 90.  I only did one dungeon in MoP, so I have a lot of normals I could do to just get familiar with being Resto again while I wait for my friends to catch up to me.  But the fact of the matter is, I have a ton of fun playing my Disc Priest.  It’s awesome that in one spec I can solo fast and also heal dungeons with ease.  I almost think I should just table my level 90 adventures on Treetopsy and just wait until Jiraa is level 90 to really dive into the end game content.  Decisions, decisions….

Kun-Lai Summit is gorgeous.  Have some screenshots.






Gaming all the things

So I spent Saturday doing something really awesome (yay, I’m married now!) and I have had relatives and friends in town for the last week so my gaming time has been random and inconsistent.  I haven’t logged into WoW in about a week, but I definitely need to do that before that thing happens where I never log back in.  I have so many things to do in the game so I don’t want to abandon it yet!  But there are a lot of things vying for my attention right now.

The first is Animal Crossing: New Leaf.  You guys.  YOU GUYS.  I bought a 3DS to pick this game up, and it was so worth it.  I’m pretty much obsessed.  This game is relaxing, funny, sweet, and I just can’t help but feel so happy while I am playing it.  I’m enjoying my time fishing and collecting things and decorating my little house and basically just being the best mayor of Echotown ever.    I love it.

I also picked up The Last of Us on the PS3, which is a good zombie game from Naughty Dog.  I’m finding it pretty difficult (I have to play on easy mode because I find shooting with console controllers to be too difficult) but I like the stealth aspect, the graphics, the characters so far, and the setting is nice.  I am hoping I can continue and don’t get bored with the game, because I had to drive all over San Diego Country to find a copy!

In World of Warcraft I did quite a bit during the last play session before taking my brief hiatus.  I found out that leveling cooking is way easier now that you can just go to Halfhill in Valley of the Four Winds and buy the ingredients right there, so I ended up leveling that up for quite some time and getting a few achievs out of it.

cookingI also joined a PUG and killed Galleon in Valley of the Four Winds.  I didn’t get anything out of it except some gold and this fancy achievement.

achieveSo that’s it for me in WoW.  I’m still trekking toward level 90 and should have more time to play this week. 🙂

This place in Krasarang is so pretty.
This place in Krasarang is so pretty.



Baby Tauren Tears & Healiemonk Mechanics

Oh my goodness you guys, no one warned me about the quest in Krasarang Wilds with Dezco and the baby Tauren!  I was all teary and I won’t spoil anything here, but jeez I was not expecting this.  Though it’s like the most common trope in any game or movie ever, but whatever.  I’m a sucker for adorable baby Taurens!

I’m still just questing along in Krasarang, but I did join a guild on Treetopsy!  I’m excited to have green text again and it seems like this guild is friendly.  It’s like, one of the top raiding guilds on Hordeside, but it’s also full of social/casual members so there are always people to chat with.  I’m hoping I can get over my fear of queueing for LFD so I can work on my mad healing skillz, and having a guild should help me out with that as long as there are guild groups going around for normal dungeons.

My fiance and I also spent some time last night playing around on our Gnome Monks.  We ran the Deadmines dungeon, which was our first dungeon together (we’re level 17 now).  I don’t know that I love the Mistweaver spec yet.  I mean, supposedly when I’m in my healieform, I’m supposed to be able to jab and kick and have it heal the lowest health person around me, but it doesn’t seem strong enough to do any healing worth talking about.  So basically, it’s just me doing some extra DPS and then casting my green healiebeam spell whenever our tank gets low enough.  Am I doing something wrong?  I kind of miss Druid & Priest healing.  But maybe it will get better as I get more abilities in my arsenal.

I also visited the Darkmoon Faire and did a few dailies, and couldn’t resist capturing a shot of Fiancemonk hanging out on the playground.



And one more adorable shot because newborn Tauren are SO FREAKING CUTE!


Lonely Times in Krasarang Wilds

Leaving Valley of the Four Winds for greener jungles.
Leaving Valley of the Four Winds for greener jungles.

Treetopsy dinged 88 last night, shortly after her first time stepping into Krasarang Wilds.  I love jungly zones, they’ve always been some of my favorites in WoW (Feralas is the best zone ever, hence why it’s in the header of this blog) and Krasarang is no exception.  Though I haven’t seen much of it, it feels like a real ecosystem with the tigers attacking the birds and so on.   I like it.

I’m still having a distinct lack of a guild and people to play with.  My previous guild, Reckoning, changed their guild name to Momentum and the old guild leader stepped down.  It’s now a rather empty guild, with pretty much only 2 people ever online at a time and not a whole lot of organized events that people actually attend.  I really miss having people to talk to and get to know.  I know that things like cross realm raiding and LFR are supposed to help out with these things, but I just feel so purposeless without a guild.   Server transfers are 50% off right now and I’d even be totally down to transfer somewhere with a more active and exciting guild.  I would maybe even consider faction-changing, but I think I’d be more likely to level up an alliance alt.  I do have a level 80 Night Elf Druid on Moon Guard that I could transfer somewhere, but she has 50 gold to her name and her gearset is all Guardian and there is no way I am tanking. I don’t even know why I chose Guardian on her in the first place (she was one of those insta-80 characters).

I really wish all the bloggers and people on Twitter were on the same server so there weren’t any decisions that had to be made about stuff.  But if you have a suggestion for a server or guild for me, Alliance or Horde, please leave them in the comments.  I’m fine paying money to play with nice people who acknowledge my presence when I log in.  I feel down in the dumps and alone. 😦


Done with Valley of the Four Winds

Though most of my time has been spent on my Panda Shadow Priest, I decided to hop over to my ‘main’ Treetopsy and see how life in Pandaria is treating her.  It’s kind of difficult to remember where exactly I was in the scheme of things, but thankfully I had logged out in Nesingwary’s camp with a slew of quests to kill various animals, so obviously I was working on Nezzie’s quest line.  I spent much of tonight killing various foxes, deer, and turtles to finish up the questline.  Lo and behold, that was my last quest line in all of Valley of the Four Winds!  So, I’m finished with the zone and moving on to Krasarang Wilds!  Who knew I stopped playing when I was that close to finishing the zone!


I also found a rare named Jonn-Dar and decided to try killing him.  It look awhile but he wasn’t difficult, and I ended up getting a surprise achievement for it. Turns out he’s part of that Glorious! achievement that’s going to have me chasing down rares all over the damn world.  Oh well, one down I guess?

rareIt was nice to be back playing my druid, but I really dislike playing Boomkin.  Obviously it’s not feasible to quest while Resto, and I’m real bad at Feral (and don’ t have a gearset for it).  This is why I wish I could level something else up to experience the quest content and then just do instances/LFD/LFR with my druid.  Maybe I’ll do that….keep leveling up this Panda Priest. Or maybe a Hunter, since they seem to be great for soloing & questing…and collecting pets would give me another fun thing to do.  This game just has SO MUCH TO DO, it’s ridiculous!  I wish I didn’t always get distracted and leave the game for months to years at a time, so that I could keep up with everything.  There is no way that little ol’ me can keep up with it all… 🙂  Oh well, at least I won’t ever be bored!